There are so many political issues in Seattle, where do I start…..let’s go with the issues that arise every 2 year voting cycle that come back again and again. I cannot solve these issues alone. The city council, as a co-operative, has to tackle these together. The suggestions and perspective may not always be right, but at least its something to think about.



Many want to find them a place to live, put a roof over their head(s), but on whose dime?

The city, county, taxpayers, business, the list is many.

Why don’t we find out why they are homeless.

The Veterans…. PTSD/ Discharge issues/money issues/medical?

Substance Abusers…treatment/education/social help?

Mental Health issues (a friend who used to run the Union Gospel Mission said this is the biggest homeless problem that there was just not enough funds to help…maybe its time).

I know some people don’t want to or can’t work. But for those who can and want to work, let’s provide concrete educational and job training opportunities…..



I wasn’t for the tunnel in 2009, and I am still not a fan. I proposed that the viaduct replacement be a trench cap tunnel with a one tier viaduct along the waterfront. This was the least expensive replacement option, with the lowest impact on waterfront businesses. You know what we have now……sad isn’t it. The bus stop extension into the streets, bike lanes, the mercer two ways, all need to be reexamined. Don’t get me started on the Broadway/Downtown trolley.



Hire more law enforcement officers.

More police presence and exposure in areas where crime is more prevalent. A true police oversight commission that consists of two members form each district with various backgrounds. Laws that make carrying an unregistered or stolen firearm more severe with each offense.



Our city leaders cry for more affordable housing, yet (behind closed doors) enact a landlord ordinance. Landlords have to pay money to ‘register’ their rentals. Pay money to have their ‘rentals’ inspected. Pay money to a ‘city approved’ contractor to fix any issues that are found during the inspection. You don’t think that ‘cost’ isn’t going to be passed on to the renters? A few of the rogue landlords are making it difficult for the many renters. Go after the rogues, not the whole rental community. (the city knows where the complaints come from). As a city let’s purchase more potential housing to help supplement the this housing crisis.


I know there are more pressing issues in Seattle, but these always seem to never get solved.


I would also like to focus on:

  • Election / Campaign reform
  • Reducing City Government
  • Spending, Project, and Departmental Accountability
  • An Open and Approachable City Government
  • Clear Streets, Sidewalks, and Parks


Let’s bring City Government back to the people! YOU AND I!


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Freedom is not free.