Thomas TobinHello, and Welcome to the Thomas Tobin web page.

I am running for Seattle City Council Position # 9…at large. For those who are new to Seattle, all 9 candidates used to be voted in at large (city wide).  A couple years ago, the voters of Seattle decided to have 7 members of city council voted in by districts (1-7). The other 2 members are to be voted in at large. (8 &9) I am running for position #9, #9, #9, #9….


A lifelong Seattleite/Hiller, I see city government (with Big Business and Developers in their pockets) ruining this beautiful city. I feel that the city council is falling short in its representation of their wage payers. You and I!!!!! This is why I chose to run for Seattle City Council. I am the only candidate, running for pos #9, that is from Seattle. (Even my parents, John and Lucille were born and raised on Capitol and Queen Ann Hills respectively) FYI…only 3 of the current 9 members of Seattle City Council are from Seattle…..WOW!!! No wonder the care and concern about this city is failing!!!! I want to be your voice on the Seattle City Council. The Voice That Listens!!!!!


Look, I’m not a politician, nor am I an activist.  I do not have lots of money or endorsements, but look how that worked out for a former council member (went for a better State job, and left the seat before the term was up….kind of a ..thanks, but no thanks)/ Even in 2011 the Municipal League of King County rated her as Outstanding! Yet, the Municipal League says I’m not Qualified for city council.  I am humored… because the U.S Government says as a Marine Corps Sergeant, (as I am) you can lead men into battle. Really?? Qualified for war, but not a seat on city council! Amazing…..


If you want the same old city government, then vote for one of the other candidates for Seattle City Council Position #9. The lawyer, (who worked for Mayor Murray) the activist, the 3 time U.W. grad, or the other two (as a group, has barely lived here the 54yrs I have). I am a fresh face, with a new and local prospective. No ties. No frills. As a candidate, lots of things can be said and promised, but that’s not me. I will be diligent, and team up with the district council members to make Seattle the greatest ever.


I know Seattle…..that is why I am running at large. I am your voice that listens!!!!!


Vote Tobin on Tuesday!!!


Thank You for Your Time…..